Be welcome on the site of heelmanueel, physician’s office for MusculoSKeletal Medicine (MSK). MSK is a kind of manual medicine. Manual medicine developed in the Netherlands, like in several other regions, in it's own way. Therefore it has got it's own name. However MusculoSKeletal Medicine clearly belongs to the field that is internationally called “Manual Musculoskeletal Medicine”. To Manual Musculoskeletal Medicine belong for example also manual therapy, chiropratic and osteopathy. Muskulosketal Medicine ist since 2017 the new 'Dutch' name for what was formely called OrthoManual Medicine (OMG).

The website of heelmanueel only exists in Dutch. As a courtesy, a consultation in English is possible. Heelmanueel uses questionnaires. Completed questionnaires facilitate an efficient use of the time available. Unfortunately, the questionnaires only exist in Dutch. Please fill out the Dutch questionnaires. Even wenn a consultation will be in English. For your convenience, the Dutch questionnaires could be filled out in English. The questionnaires can be easily accessed by a link in the appointment confirmation mail.

A GDPR proof possibility for tele-consultations exists since the corona-challenges. Diagnostic and treatment possibilities at tele-consultations are less than in the consultation-room. For further information, see website button 'beeld-bellen'.

Thank you for your interest in heelmanueel.